Wheelchair Basketball

Welcome to Wheelchair Basketball

Everyone is welcome to play Wheelchair Basketball in Ireland including people with a physical disability or able bodied people.

This page shows information about Wheelchair Basketball in Ireland and how you can get involved, join a club and the classification around wheelchair basketball

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More about Wheelchair Basketball

About the game

Wheelchair Basketball is basically the same game as the running equivalent and anyone can play including people with a mobility impairment and able-bodied players.


5 Vs 5 team sport with the object being to score points by shooting the ball into the oppositions team net.


Players must have a disability which affects the lower body/legs such as:

Joint Replacement • Perthes • Arthritic Joint Surfaces • Joint Alignment Problems • Fractures into Hip Joint

Knee Replacement • Arthritic Joint Surfaces • Unrepairable Ligament Damage • Fractures into the Knee Joint • Complete loss of articular cartilage tissue

Spinal Cord Injury • Spina Bifida • Polio • Paraplegic

Multiple Joint Fusions • Arthritic Joint Surfaces • Significant Ligament Instability

Long Bone Replacement / Misalignment • Mulitple Lower Limb Fractures Resulting
in Joint Stiffness and Muscle Weakness • Cerebral Palsy • Muscular Dystrophies • Lower Limb Amputees

Able bodied players welcome.
Adults and children programmes nationwide.


Everyone is welcome to get involved. Email queries to info@iwasport.com


Sports section / clubSport Primary locationContact
Wheelchair BasketballJunior & SeniorNational sectioninfo@iwasport.com
Killester Tigers Wheelchair BasketballJuniorIWA, Clontarfkillesterwheelchair@gmail.com
Limerick Scorpions Wheelchair Basketball Senior Limerickjanca.prihonska@gmail.com
South East Swifts Wheelchair BasketballSeniorKilkenny and Carlowpatoneill@live.ie
Kingdom Wheelblasters Wheelchair BasketballSeniorTraleekingdomwheelblasters@gmail.com
Killester Wheelchair BasketballSeniorIWA, Clontarfkillesterwheelchair@gmail.com
Clonaslee Wheelchair BasketballSeniorLaoisrmurphy39@gmail.com
Ballybrack Bulls Wheelchair BasketballSeniorBallybrack, Dublin ballybrackbullswbc@outlook.com
Titans Galway Wheelchair BasketballSeniorGalwayoperations@titans.ie
North East Thunder Wheelchair BasketballSeniorDundalkkatie.byrne@iwa.ie
Rebel Wheelers Wheelchair BasketballSeniorCorkrebelwheelers@gmail.com