Gym Classes

Four-Week Gym Classes

Running from Nov 18th to Dec 15th 2019

These classes are FREE to all IWA-Sport Gym members. No booking required, just turn up!

Irish Wheelchair Association – Sport is commencing a four-week schedule of group exercise classes taking place in our accessible gym in Clontarf.

These classes will consist of Kettlebells, Circuits and RIP 60. Our variety of classes will ensure no fitness components are left out. Strength, Flexibility, Resistance, posture, cardio and muscular endurance will all be covered.

IWA-Sport classes are free to attend for gym members, there are no bookings required, simply come to a class with a water bottle and towel. These fun centred group classes are a great way to get fit and keep on track with your goals as we approach the festive season.

So, don’t wait till January – get a head start on your health & wellbeing for 2020 now!

Day Time Duration Class Location
Monday 10:30 40 mins Kettlebells Studio
17:30 40 mins HIIT Circuit Studio
Tuesday 08:00 40 mins Kettlebells Studio
13:05 30 mins HIIT Circuit Studio
18:15 45 mins Rip 60 Studio
Wednesday 08:00 45 mins HIIT Circuit Studio
18:30 40 mins Kettlebells Studio
Thursday 13:05 30 mins Rip 60 Studio


Using cast-iron weights shaped like a ball with a handle called kettlebells, you will learn the proper form on key weight lifting moves. These include alternating one-arm swings, cleans, squats and shoulder presses.

Kettlebells classes involve a variety of exercises focused on lifting and swinging the kettlebells requiring you to concentrate on your posture and core, whilst working on your cardio and strength training. During kettlebell classes our instructors will be there to take you through step-by-step, with a detailed warm up, followed by the high-intensity training and a cool down, helping you get the best results.

This class is a short high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session that will challenge all your major muscle groups and get your heart racing. Each class will improve your strength, muscular and aerobic endurance allowing you to get fit and lose weight at the same time.



Each RIP 60 Suspension class will develop your strength, flexibility and core stability using suspension straps and your own body weight as resistance. The design of the straps will give you the ultimate core fitness training combined with a full-body strength and conditioning workout. It challenges the body in the way it was designed to function while training it to perform efficiently. This scientifically proven workout focuses on pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging & squatting while also improving balance and coordination to help you get results faster


Circuit (HIIT)

Every Circuit Class will incorporate all aspects of fitness including strength and conditioning, resistance training, functional movement and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The classes are designed to target specific goals such as burning fat, increasing muscle mass, improving movement patterns and strengthen cardiovascular fitness. This total body workout is a great way to keep fit and healthy, And you will continue burn calories for hours after leaving class.


Call 01 818 6423, Email or visit the gym desk in IWA-Sport’s Centre, Blackheath Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3.