Fitness Classes

IWA-Sport Fitness Classes

Commencing January 2020 | All classes take place in the gym studio

All classes are FREE to all IWA-Sport Gym members. No booking required, just turn up!
Pay-as-you-go option available: €7.00 per class. Contact 01 818 6423, Email

Irish Wheelchair Association – Sport’s fitness classes take place in our accessible gym in Clontarf.

These classes will consist of Movement + Mobility, Young @ Heart, HIIT Circuit, Strength Circuit and RIP 60. Our variety of classes will ensure no fitness components are left out. Strength, Flexibility, Resistance, posture, cardio and muscular endurance will all be covered.

IWA-Sport classes are free to attend for gym members, there are no bookings required, simply come to a class with a water bottle and towel.

Pay-as-you-go option available: €7.00 per class. Contact 01 818 6423, Email

Day Start Finish Duration Class
Monday 10:30 11:10 40 mins Movement & Mobility
17:30 18:10 40 mins HIIT Circuit
Tuesday 13:05 13:35 30 mins HIIT Circuit
19:00 19:45 45 mins Rip-60
Wednesday 18:30 19:10 40 mins Strength Circuit
Thursday 09:30 10:10 40 mins Young @ Heart
13:05 13:35 30 mins Rip-60
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Movement + Mobility

A great class for improving posture, balance and movement patterns. You will improve your flexibility, extensibility, range of motion and mobility. Movement and Mobility class is ideal to develop a good platform of strength and functionality to improve all levels of fitness.

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Young @ Heart

This is a group exercise class designed to help participants achieve optimal health, fitness, and quality of life. These classes will build muscle tone, strength and flexibility in a group setting. Young @ Heart classes cater for all levels and will improve posture, overall fitness and better-quality activities of daily living.


Circuit (HIIT)

Every Circuit Class will incorporate all aspects of fitness including strength and conditioning, resistance training, functional movement and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

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Strength Circuit

Similar to HIIT circuit classes, in this class the pace will slow down and the weight increases. The focus will shift to building muscle and strength while enhancing correct lifting technique for a full body strength workout.

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Each RIP-60 Suspension class will develop your strength, flexibility and core stability using suspension straps and your own body weight as resistance. This scientifically proven workout focuses on pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging & squatting while also improving balance and coordination to help you get results faster.


Call 01 818 6423, Email or visit the gym desk in IWA-Sport’s Centre, Blackheath Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3.