Inaugural Wheelchair Gaelic Football Finals – September 19th

11th September 2015

IWA-Sport is proud to announce it will host the first ever Wheelchair Gaelic Football Finals, with support of the GAA, at its HQ in Clontarf, Dublin 3.

Sitting proudly on the same weekend as the GAA’s annual showcase, the All Ireland Football Final, this will be a proud day for all involved. We are delighted that the GAA officially recognises the introduction of this new sport and will assist IWA-Sport with the promotion of the sport nationally.

In keeping with our ethos of developing the sport, in this its first year, the Wheelchair Gaelic Football Finals are open to everyone to come and take part including children and adults

Information about the day is as follows;

  • Date – September 19th
  • Venue – Irish wheelchair association, clontarf, Dublin 3
  • Registration 12:30pm
  • Queries to

Teams will be formed on the day

About the game

  • Wheelchair Gaelic Football is 6 a side and played on an indoor court
  • A team is made up of one goal keeper & 5 outfield players
  • The Ball must be bounced/played every 6 seconds
  • Wheelchairs will be provided
  • Goals, points, sidelines, 45’s etc as normal