IWA Basketball Fixtures

IWA Basketball Fixtures

Welcome to the IWA-Sport’s dedicated basketball fixtures page. All Senior and Junior IWA-Sport Wheelchair Basketball League fixtures are available on this resource.

SENIOR Irish Wheelchair Basketball League
ROUND: 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | Outstanding

Round 4 | Sat 24th Nov 2018 | Host: Shannonside Stealers, Athlone.

Match NoTimeHomeAwayStatus
1609:30Titans WheelersClonaslee WBCScheduled
1711:15North East ThunderRebel WheelersScheduled
1813:00Shannonside StealersNI Knights WBCScheduled
1914:45Ballybrack BullsKingdom WheelblastersScheduled
2016:30Killester WBCSouth East SwiftsScheduled

Round 5 | Sat 15th Dec 2018 | Host: Ballybrack Bulls, Loughlinstown.

Match NoTimeHomeAwayStatus
2109:30Clonaslee WBCNorth East ThunderScheduled
2211:15South East SwiftsShannonside StealersScheduled
2313:00Kingdom WheelblastersTitans WheelersScheduled
2414:45Rebel WheelersBallybrack BullsScheduled
2516:30NI Knights WBCKillester WBCScheduled

Round 6 | Sat 19th Jan 2019 | Host: North East Thunder, Dundalk.

Match NoTimeHomeAwayStatus
2609:30Ballybrack BullsNI Knights WBCScheduled
2711:15Titans WheelersKillester WBCScheduled
2813:00Kingdom WheelblastersClonaslee WBCScheduled
2914:45Shannonside StealersRebel WheelersScheduled
3016:30North East ThunderSouth East SwiftsScheduled

Round 7 | Sat 16th Feb 2019 | Host: Titans Wheelers, Galway.

Match NoTimeHomeAwayStatus
3109:30Clonaslee WBCShannonside StealersScheduled
3211:15Kingdom WheelblastersNorth East ThunderScheduled
3313:00NI Knights WBCSouth East SwiftsScheduled
3414:45Killester WBCTitans WheelersScheduled
3516:30Ballybrack BullsRebel WheelersScheduled

Round 8 | Sat 16th Feb 2019 | Host: Kingdom Wheelblasters, Tralee.

Match NoTimeHomeAwayStatus
3609:30Rebel WheelersKingdom WheelblastersScheduled
3711:15Killester WBCShannonside StealersScheduled
3813:00NI Knights WBCTitans WheelersScheduled
3914:45Ballybrack BullsNorth East ThunderScheduled
4016:30South East SwiftsClonaslee WBCScheduled

Round 9 | Sat 2nd Mar 2019 | Host: Clonaslee WBC, Laois.

Match NoTimeHomeAwayStatus
4109:30South East SwiftsTitans WheelersScheduled
4211:15Rebel WheelersClonaslee WBCScheduled
4313:00NI Knights WBCKingdom WheelblastersScheduled
4414:45Killester WBCNorth East ThunderScheduled
4516:30Ballybrack BullsShannonside StealersScheduled

Round 10 | Sat 6th Apr 2019 | Host: Rebel Wheelers, Cork.

Match NoTimeHomeAwayStatus
4609:30Rebel WheelersSouth East SwiftsScheduled
4711:15Kingdom WheelblastersKillester WBCScheduled
4813:00Clonaslee WBCNI Knights WBCScheduled
4914:45North East ThunderBallybrack BullsScheduled
5016:30Shannonside StealersTitans WheelersScheduled

Round 11 | Sat 27th Apr 2019 | Host: Killester WBC, IWA, Clontarf.

Match NoTimeHomeAwayStatus
5109:30South East SwiftsBallybrack BullsScheduled
5211:15Titans WheelersNI Knights WBCScheduled
5313:00North East ThunderKingdom WheelblastersScheduled
5414:45Killester WBCRebel WheelersScheduled
5516:30Shannonside StealersClonaslee WBCScheduled

Round 12 | Sat 11th May 2019 | Host: IWA-Sport, IWA, Clontarf.

Match NoTimeHomeAwayStatus
5609:30Shannonside StealersBallybrack BullsScheduled
5711:15North East ThunderClonaslee WBCScheduled
5813:00Killester WBCKingdom WheelblastersScheduled
5914:45NI Knights WBCRebel WheelersScheduled
6016:30Titans WheelersSouth East SwiftsScheduled

Outstanding Fixtures

RoundMatch NoHome TeamAway TeamDateTimeHost TeamStatus
1661South East SwiftsNorth East Thunder10/10/1820:00South East SwiftsCONFIRMED
1662NI Knights WBCClonaslee WBC20/10/1818:00NI Knights WBCCONFIRMED
1663Killester WBCBallybrack Bulls WBC08/10/1821/10/18Killester WBCTBC
1664Rebel WheelersShannonside Stealers03/11/1814:00Rebel WheelersCONFIRMED
1765South East SwiftsNI Knights WBC29/10/1811/11/18South East SwiftsTBC
1766Killester WBCClonaslee WBC06/11/1819:15Killester WBCCONFIRMED
1567Shannonside StealersKingdom Wheelblasters12/11/1825/11/18Shannonside StealersCONFIRMED
1768Rebel WheelersTitans Basketball Club17/11/1830/11/18Rebel WheelersTBC
1369NI Knights WBCBallybrack Bulls WBC17/11/1830/11/18NI Knights WBCTBC
1470Titans Basketball ClubShannonside Stealers01/12/1814/12/18Titans Basketball ClubTBC
1871North East ThunderNI Knights WBC01/12/1814/12/18North East ThunderTBC
1872Kingdom WheelblastersRebel Wheelers09/12/1822/12/18Kingdom WheelblastersTBC
1873Clonaslee WBCSouth East Swifts10/12/1819:30Clonaslee WBCCONFIRMED
1574North East ThunderTitans Basketball Club07/01/1920/01/19North East ThunderTBC
1575Ballybrack Bulls WBCClonaslee WBC07/01/1920/01/19Ballybrack Bulls WBCTBC
1576Killester WBCNI Knights WBC18/01/1931/01/19Killester WBCTBC
1577South East SwiftsRebel Wheelers23/01/1920:00South East SwiftsCONFIRMED
1378Shannonside StealersNorth East Thunder04/02/1917/02/19Shannonside StealersTBC
1379Titans Basketball ClubRebel Wheelers04/02/1917/02/19Titans Basketball ClubTBC
1380Clonaslee WBCKillester WBC11/02/1919:30Clonaslee WBCCONFIRMED
1781Kingdom WheelblastersBallybrack Bulls WBC18/02/1903/03/19Kingdom WheelblastersTBC
1482NI Knights WBCNorth East Thunder04/03/1917/03/19NI Knights WBCTBC
1483Clonaslee WBCKingdom Wheelblasters11/03/1924/03/19Clonaslee WBCTBC
1484Ballybrack Bulls WBCSouth East Swifts18/03/1931/03/19Ballybrack Bulls WBCTBC
1485Rebel WheelersKillester WBC30/03/1914:00Rebel WheelersCONFIRMED
1786North East ThunderShannonside Stealers25/03/1907/04/19North East ThunderTBC
1887Ballybrack Bulls WBCTitans Basketball Club17/04/1930/04/19Ballybrack Bulls WBCTBC
1888Shannonside StealersKillester WBC25/04/1908/05/19Shannonside StealersTBC
1689South East SwiftsKingdom Wheelblasters07/04/1920/04/19Kingdom WheelblastersTBC
1390Kingdom WheelblastersSouth East Swifts07/04/1920/04/19Kingdom WheelblastersTBC


Fixtures for Junior Blitz, U23 and all other basketball-related events will be added in due course.